Voluntary Theocracy: Divine Economy Theory


Voluntary Theocracy: Divine Economy Theory


Ebook COMING SOON in EPUB format. PDF currently available.

This is the combination of all four books in the series about the divine economy theory. It can be considered as my magnum opus.

To come to the conclusion of voluntary theocracy and to operate in this way, simply apply logic! That is indeed a bold statement.

Logic is where true science and true religion come together as parallel paths to greater understanding. And logic is not the prerogative of the elite; it is at the disposal of everyone and often referred to as common sense!

Yet there is nothing coercive about logic. Since everyone has access to it there is no need for coercion anyway; so the logic goes. Nor is logic overly rigid although the best results come from a rigorously logical pursuit of knowledge.

From all of this we get the first point – it is voluntary.

The second point – theocracy – is what the scientific development of the divine economy theory makes clear and evident. In only a few words I cannot give adequate proof but I do not need to because Voluntary Theocracy: Divine Economy Theory is a 500 page treatise that does very adequately prove this point.

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