The Human Essence of Economics


The Human Essence of Economics



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Producing so you can eat (and prosper) is the starting point in microeconomics.

Microeconomics is not about data and equations being used to generate graphs and diagrams - although unfortunately that is how microeconomics is taught - which is the reason why there is a complete disconnect between the real world and academic economics. Each person and every business firm has to produce something to earn an income to be used to satisfy desires and objectives.

At the heart, then, is offering something of value in a way that makes it possible, in turn, to acquire those things that are subjectively regarded as valuable.  Value - which humans assign subjectively - is a critically important part of microeconomics.

How do individuals discover and react to information in the market? Prices that appear as part of the spontaneity of the market act like words, conveying meaning. Those who are actively exercising their entrepreneurial spirit read these messages and take risks, with their goal being to earn a profit by serving the sovereign consumer. It is this active involvement that drives the economy forward by dispersing useful information throughout, including throughout the time horizon. All this is part of the language of the market.   

What is different about “The Human Essence of Economics”? It is a qualitative analysis rather than a quantitative analysis and it examines the economy in its real condition of dynamic disequilibrium rather than the fictitious condition of equilibrium. 

What really sets it apart is the microeconomic model developed deductively from the macroeconomic model described in “More Than Laissez-Faire.”

1.       The model shows the origin of subjective values

2.       The model is causal-realistic,  moving from cause to effect, from virtue to service (or product)

3.       The model shows how the entrepreneurial spirit activates the market process

This book delivers a new economic technology but it also makes clear how to apply the concept of competitive entrepreneurship to each step along the way in the real world of disequilibrium and uncertainty. 

There is a great need for

1.       Microeconomics that is qualitative and that reflects how the real world of production works

2.       Economics which starts from where value originates and which then moves into the hands of the producers so they can deliver the goods and services sought by you and me – the sovereign consumer. This model, this new technology, delivers in all of these ways

The potential audience for this book includes the novice but even more importantly it includes all of the entrepreneurs and producers who are actively serving each and every day.

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The Human Essence of Economics looks from a new perspective at:

1.     The individual

2.    Demand and Supply

3.    Prices

4.    Production

5.    Profit & Loss

READ THE FOREWORD TO The Human Essence Of Economics.

Since this book explains microeconomics in the real world of disequilibrium and since it releases the power of entrepreneurship it will impact your ability to succeed, and that gain will far exceed the price of this book. 

I want you to be satisfied with the quality of this book and all of the interesting content. If for whatever reason you are not pleased with the book I will return your money (and you won’t have to answer this, but "Would you mind telling me why you want a refund? It might help me improve things for my other customers.”)

Another feature of this book is its length and the style of writing. It is only about 100 pages long with economic content that is presented in a very different way, interspersed within a story-like narrative. In other words, it is a relative quick and satisfying read. Generally it can be read over a weekend or on a business trip and since it uses a qualitative approach it is pleasing to read. There really is no reason not to buy The Human Essence of Economics right now while you are here on this page.

To read the first couple of chapters of "The Human Essence of Economics" click here.

P.S. It is truly a tragedy that microeconomics has been ruined by trying to convert it into a quantitative mold. That has not only made it very boring and inapplicable but it has opened the door for economic interventionism.

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P.S.S. But you and your friends and peers now have an alternative, one that is qualitative, practical - and as you will soon find out - very thrilling!

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