More Than Laissez-Faire


More Than Laissez-Faire



This book is about the macroeconomic perspective. 

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Read the Foreword to More Than Laissez-Faire.

How do you take politics out of economics? This is not only a most pressing question but it is also the solution to the economic problems. Economics is not about efficiency or redistribution. Economics is about finding the best ways to achieve the goals of peace and prosperity, which automatically excludes politics!

What is the usefulness of economic theory? Economics is a science, however it is a philosophical science. It is a human science, a science of human action. Economic theory provides the intellectually satisfying and vital alternative to the contemporary practice of converting people into data to be used and abused by technocrats for political purposes.

What is different about “More Than Laissez-Faire? It is a continuation of the classical liberalism tradition but what really sets it apart is the model that appeared in a dream to Bruce Koerber (an economist in the tradition of Austrian economics).

  1. The model uses the methodology of subjectivism
  2. The model starts simply and becomes more complex and dynamic
  3. The model has four main elements: human spirit, transformation, law, and order
  4. All economic theory and concepts are integrated into the model.
  5. After a thorough examination of economic theory eleven macroeconomic policies are suggested.

The model introduced in this book constitutes a new economic technology

There is a great need for

  1. Economics that is completely severed from politics, and
  2. Economics which uses a new lens and a new technology (that is built using economic theory).

The potential audience includes the novice as well as the long-time, economic-minded reader.

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More Than Laissez-Faire has the potential to have a large impact: "I'm always glad to see a new approach to solidly reasoned economic theory that may be able to reach a new segment of the population." Jim Cox, author of "The Concise Guide to Economics"

It seems obvious that remaining unaware of this new economic technology will impact you far greater than the price of this book. 

I want you to be satisfied with the quality of this book and all the interesting content. If for whatever reason you are not pleased with the book I will return your money (and you won’t have to answer this, but "Would you mind telling me why you want a refund? It might help me improve things for my other customers.”)

Another feature of this book is its length and the style of writing. It is about 100 pages with many interesting diagrams interspersed within a story-like narrative. In other words, it is a relative quick and satisfying read, for sure it can be read over a weekend or on a business trip and it is pleasing to read. There really is no reason not to buy More Than Laissez-Faire right now while you are here on this page. Buy "More Than Laissez-Faire".

To read the first couple of chapters of “More Than Laissez-Faire” click here. 

P.S. The economic mess will persist until enough people know what it is that causes the mess and what solutions to work towards.

To buy the printed edition go to this Amazon link.

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