Liberty & Justice of Economic Equilibrium


Liberty & Justice of Economic Equilibrium


This book is from the perspective of economic justice. This is the fourth book in the series of four core books about the divine economy theory.

In the not-too-distant future this will be available as a print-on-demand book.

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Law and Order have fallen into the hands of the ego-driven interpreters and the ego-driven interventionists with the consequence being - a total disconnection between law and economics and a total disruption of the natural processes of human civilization.

Sickened by the ill effects of the chronic misunderstanding and misuse of law the vitalizing power of equilibrium has been concealed and forgotten at the hands of institutionalized manmade law. But real laws cannot be violated in the long-run.

Human action is the process that brings the transformative and healing powers of equilibrium to the forefront and it drives human civilization towards natural law and order. It is best when it operates in an environment of justice and liberty; but it is also what causes the appearance of justice and liberty in the natural order of things as a reflection of natural law.

So what we find is that there is not some void that has to be compensated for by manmade laws and order. Instead there is an ever-present, beautiful, unadulterated order that has the characteristics of the philosophy of classical liberalism which is ready and able to cradle human civilization as it grows and develops. In fact, law and order complement each other as part of the discovery process, the discovery of the laws of human action.

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