Ethical Economics for today and tomorrow . . .


Ethical Economics for today and tomorrow . . .


This is the ethical economics perspective and is the third in the series of four core books about the divine economy theory.

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Now there is a fully endowed positive ethical system that shows the inseparability of ethics and economics!

This journey into ethics begins with the history of ethical economics and culminates with the realization that the virtues (which are reflected in some form in all things) are real and permanent and not subject to dissolution. Therefore, true wealth is eternal!

Materialism is very real in our world, and not coincidentally it is so very real because the mystic reality of ethics has been lost. Materialism eats into the vitals of an unsuspecting humanity; unsuspecting because of their economic ignorance.

And it does no good to turn to the economic doctors. They have long ago cast aside the healing powers of ethics and are surreptitiously content to administer the addictive drugs of ego-driven intervention. The stupor caused by this ill-fated prescription creates a shallowness that keeps these corrupt economic doctors in charge since it numbs the human faculties from being able to see the deep meanings of life.

'Things' that are called goods and services are in some way manifestations of the names and attributes of God and as such we are irresistibly attracted to them like a moth to the light since we are ‘created in His Image.’ Hence, the appearance of virtues and attributes in all things make it evident that ethics and economics are inseparable.

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