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There are new, organic economic models that further our understanding of purposeful human action - finally some clarity about economics!


In the books below you will find organic models - unlike any others - that span:

  • macroeconomics {Do you want a free PDF with the eleven macroeconomic policies that lead to peace and prosperity?}, 
  • microeconomics,
  • ethical economics,
  • and economic justice.

Now to answer the most pressing question (and the answer is probably different than you think): What is the divine economy theory?

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Divine economy theory will make economics come to life for you. This is the way it should be since economics is the study of human action and we are naturally all experts of human action!


The divine economy theory covers macroeconomics, microeconomics, ethical economics and economic justice. For example, economic freedom makes it possible for you to be productive, and to learn how to improve social cooperation, which helps you to make the world a more peaceful and prosperous place.


Many opportunities exist both for learning the theory by various means, and for becoming a benefactor to speed the spread of the theory. Let me know what can I do to be helpful to you?

Below are those books in the series that are now also available as printed books. In the not too distant future all of them will be in print form.

More than Laissez Faire
By Bruce Koerber

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